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    Add a Print Manual Button to Online Help

      I single-ourced my html online help to a printed document. I fomatted that and saved as a pdf file. I'd like to add a print icon in multiple windows so that the user can click that (or a link that reads Print Procedural Manual) and it will take them to the printed document so that they can view/print the manual. I added the printer icon and made this a hyperlink, clicked the Link to FILE, then I browsed to the location of the file and said "Display in auto size popup". This is not working. I've done this before but I'm not a regular robohelp user anymore and have forgotten things. I'm getting frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also, this online help is a demo so it needs to have a bit of jazz that I wouldn't otherwise think of adding - any suggestions on some impressive features that do not overshadow my writing?