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    Other windows appear in front of LR in OS X High Sierra betas

    Kevin H C Monahan

      I upgraded to High Sierra (not so far a totally happy experience). Every time I switch between LR modes--Library to Develop for example--the LR window goes to the background. All other windows on the particular display pop in front of it. However, LR is still the "current" app. The menu bar is Lightroom's and mouse movement over any part of the LR window that is still visible triggers the intended LR behaviors. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling LR--no luck. Using OS X High Sierra, both betas, on a new mid-2017 iMac.


      Has anyone else seen this?


      (Overall, I wish I hadn't installed the High Sierra beta. A continuing series of small irritating problems with Mail, LR, files disappearing, Time Machine failing after a few days, etc. I've never had this level of problems with previous OS X betas. And yes, betas should only be installed on separate hard rives, non-critical machines but who listens to that when new code is available?