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    Whats the meaning of "LR manages color is Prophoto RGB" when my monitor is only capable of sRGB?

    sai krishnam80741157

      I'm a newbie and am fundamentally confused how a software tool like LR can work in its own color space independent of monitor capabilities!


      Basically, I have an sRGB monitor and printer, both of whose gamut is smaller than prophoto. Since by definition it's not a WYSIWYG setup (i.e. LR on prophoto vs others on sRGB), I'm bothered about:

      1.  How can I trust my painful hours of editing would produce EXACT colors at a printer (also calibrated to sRGB)?

      The answer cannot be soft proofing, right? I need LR to be able to work in sRGB (because my monitor is only capable of it) in REAL TIME  so that I can be assured any edit i do will show up in my prints exactly like I see on my monitor. i do not want to waste countless hours in "develop" just to learn the moment I go to soft proofing, results could be subtly different, and i can't tell or track where what's happening.


      2. Even more importantly, is there only color truncation (i.e. only highly saturated colors are lost as prophoto to sRGB conversion happens in real time) or complete loss of color data?


      Any clarifications are highly appreciated. Given LR has been around for so long, I believe this is a non-issue, and am curious to know the answer.