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    Apps gone missing!! Help please


      Although I can still open Photoshop CC, the Creative Cloud app seems to have disappeared from my desktop and therefore I cannot open Lightroom


      Any ideas please?




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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Are you Windows?   Do you mean that 'Start'  icons have disappeared ?

          Are you Mac? Are you missing icons on the Dock?

          What version number of Lightroom?

          Are the programs still in the  {Programs} folder-Windows,  or the {Applications} folder-Mac? If so, can you start them by double-clicking?


          Do you have any more information to assist in finding an answer?

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            desb25674406 Level 1

            Many thanks for taking an interest in the frustrating difficulty.


            I have the Lightroom/ photoshop bundle mounted on both my WIndows laptop (where I can open both programs in the normal manner) and on my WIndows PC which has the vast majority of my photographs and Lightroom catalogue.


            Now on the PC I have never been able to open Lightroom from the desktop icon or from the programs list - I get the message about not having permissions from the administrator. I have always opened it from within the Creative Cloud app which appears to have been uninstalled for some reason. BTW I can still open Photoshop from the desktop icon on the PC.


            I have tried several times to re-install CC but keep getting 'error message 1' as it fails to install.


            Does this make any sense?


            Again, many thanks for thinking about it.



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              Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Download and install the Creative Cloud Desktop app:


              Download Creative Cloud desktop app


              Next uninstall and then reinstall Lightroom using the Creative Cloud app.


              Use the Creative Cloud desktop app to manage your apps and services

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