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    Need help with adobe photoshop cs6 brush stroke with wacom cintiq pro.

    hongd Level 1

      Hello, I have recently have got a wacom cintiq pro, however when I try to use adobe photoshop cs6 with it, the brush stroke do not give me pen like stroke but rather mouse like. I try the cintiq with clip studio and everything works fine. I contacted wacom for help regarding photoshop cs6. We had try pen pressure with F5, go into pen and touch setting and see if hover would work, also in preferences as well, and looking in to the pen setting.  But it seen like none of those work. It is not on the end of wacom if the brush can work on a different application. I am not good with computer so any help would be great and visual aid would be even better!


      * Note: I think I try all that it is however I might do it wrong, so if you believe there is a way please share, I dont mine repeating the step again for it to work.


      (edit) Also in the F5 pen setting in bursh> Shape Dynamics> Size jitter have a " ⚠ " next to the control: pen pressure, is that normal?