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    VBA question

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      Sorry this isn't specifically related to InDesign. However, I'm trying to write a script in InDesign that can exchange data with Microsoft Word.

      I've only started learning VBA.  So, as part of a test script I'm trying to search the data in the rows of a table.


      This is what I've got, but  I'm not sure why it isn't working.


      Any advice would be amazing!


      Sub test()
      Dim d As Document
      Dim t As Table
      Dim c1 As Cell
      Dim c2 As Cell
      Dim r As Rows
      Set d = ActiveDocument
      Set t = d.Tables(1)
      Set r = t.Rows
      For x = 1 To r.Count
      Set c1 = r(x).Cells(1)
      c1.Range.Find.MatchWildcards = True
      c1.Range.Find.Forward = True
      c1.Range.Find.Text = "Orion3"
              Do While True
                  If c1.Range.Find.Found Then
                  Debug.Print c1.Range.Text
                  Exit Do
                   End If
      End Sub