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    Phonegap facebook login not working in android


      Hai friends,i am developing facebook login for my phonegap project.i used cordova cli to create project.


      for facebook login i am using openfb.js plugin.


      this plugin works fine in only all browsers.after i export to mobile app using phonegap build this plugin not working.


      i tested with ripple emulator also.


      if i can login in mobile i cant able to retrieve the logged in user info.


      but i done both case in browser.


      my need is i get back user details like name,email id who login through facebook.



      please can anyone help me to solve my issue. i also attached screeshots for my issue

      1) this output from browser.i can get the user name after login.no issue


      2)this one from my android phone.login successfully done.when i click the getinfo button i got errors.


      3)OpenFB.js code.





      thank you