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    Disable image preview in code view (was: Image preview in code view...)

    Bill Reinhardt Level 1

      I have been looking all over to disable this new feature because it can be distracting and even annoying. I can see it being handy once in a while, but it needs to have an option to disable it (maybe in the "coding" toolbar near the "line numbers" and "code wrap" toggles.)


      There's also this bug: It changes line wrapping. When the URL wraps to a new line, it usually includes the opening double quote, as shown below. When I roll over the image URL, the preview comes up, and the open double quote is sent back to the previous line (i.e., when the preview is displayed the quote doesn't wrap with the URL.) Since the quote is no longer taking room on the wrapped line, the entire line shifts to the left. If by rolling over the URL my intent was to begin a text selection, all of a sudden I begin selecting text in the wrong place. Very frustrating. I am forced to turn line wrapping off so that this doesn't happen. (I am running the latest DW CC 2015 in Windows 7.)



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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can see where that could get frustrating and agree there should be a way to turn it off, or at least delay it like you can with other code hinting.


          I would definitely vote in favor of having the image pop up either "disableable", or added to the items controlled by the Code Hint Delay in preferences, if you wanted to create a voteable thread for it in the Ideas section

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            ccn6 Level 1

            This was driving me nuts too, and the fact that it was driving somebody else crazy too inspired me to figure out a solution. What really bugged me was that it slightly changed the position of text (image hrefs, or colors) while you were editing it which was constantly causing me to make little typos all day. Granted, if you're using the Dreamweaver text editor as your primary source code editor you deserve to be punished, but sometimes it's what's convenient at the time to just get something done. It should not be more of a pain point than it is because text is hopping around while you're trying to select it. My punishment was double. I have a darker source code theme that's easy on the eyes. The image/color preview added its own highlighting to the normal highlighting making the text I'm editing nearly illegible, while also being a moving target.


            Anyways, I started doing a search in the Finder inside the Dreamweaver folder for "Preview" in a filename. I found ImagePreview.js and ImagePreview.html moved them out of the Dreamweaver folder, and restarted Dreamweaver. BOOM! No image previews! Next, I renamed the whole PreviewExtensions folder to PreviewExtensions_disabled. BOOM! No more image previews and no more color previews!


            Dreamweaver still seems stable, as far as Dreamweaver stability goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


            Here's where this evil folder lives:


            Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC 202015/configuration/PreviewExtensions/


            Just rename it like this:


            Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC 202015/configuration/PreviewExtensions_disabled/


            I hope this helps!


            PS. Now we just need to hack the Properties inspector panel to not have tiny text input fields. Come one Adobe! Make it responsive or something. It's taking up just 25% of the space it could on my screen. I can barely type inside it. And I can't read what has been typed inside it.

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              Bill Reinhardt Level 1

              Great sleuthing, ccn6! I am definitely going to employ that hack. I haven't yet tried the DW CC Prerelease beta 3 yet, maybe this issue no longer exists...here's hoping. In any case, thanks so much for taking the time to document your excellent fix!

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                This doesn't work for 2017 dreamweaver: I found no folder named PreviewExtensions or ImagePreview.js.

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                  mrmagnecom Level 1

                  OMG..! I got the same problem. My problem is not that the preview image popups. I work with PHP and API's and whenever i hover a url in a file_get_contents function, Dreameviewer is actual loading this url, which causes the API to run.


                  I cannot belive that there has not been a solution for this yet.


                  How do i disable this annoying thing!?


                  PS: I cannot find the folders mentioned her.

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                    mrmagnecom Level 1

                    I got a reply from Adobe. Here is how to solve this:


                    • Go to :

                    Win: %appdata%\Adobe\Dreamweaver CC 2017\<locale>\Configuration\Brackets\

                    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CC 2017/<locale>/Configuration/Brackets/

                    • Open brackets.json file.
                    • Add the following code "quickview.enabled": false.
                    • unnamed.png
                    • Save the file and re-launch Dreamweaver


                    I can confirm that this solution is working and will disable the image preview on hover.