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    Lightroom CC [Problems dragging images into and within LR CC on Sierra]

    photofan731 Level 1


      Just started having a problem with dragging images into and within LightroomCC

      Using MacOS Sierra version 10.12.5

      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC all up to date

      2 things happening - I can drag the image into Lightroom but the title is not connected to the image

      After importing and when I try to put this image in a folder the below prompt appears and the image will not go into that folder

      I have also had this prompt on a couple of images within my catalog, when I try to move them to another folder

      Any suggestions?

      Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 8.46.31 am.png

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. The 'new' filename {untitled....] suggests that you have the [Rename] box checked on, but you do not have a rename template defined to describe how you want your files renamed.

          Just Uncheck the rename box in the Import dialog and your files will keep their original names (from camera). (or edit the Rename template)


          2. Because Lr has been renaming as "untitled--xxx" you will undoubtedly now have files that are named the same in multiple folders and the Operating system will not allow Lr to save (move) two files with the same name into the one same folder.


          Other problems with 'moving' files include- Read/write permissions of the destination folder. Also be aware that the folder panel in Lr can show images in a 'Master' folder AND images in all the sub-folders it contains, so trying to then move an image into a sub-folder seems impossible when in fact the image is already in that folder. (see- Menu>Library>Show photos in sub-folders)


          You will need to do some learning on how to correctly rename files, and use a rename template so that every image file has a unique filename.    eg.  YYMMDD-File Number Suffix

          Filter for all photos with the "untitled---" filename and rename them.



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            Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

            Hi photofan, this typically happens when you have a file of the same name in the folder you're trying to drag the first into. The second one is usually not in Lightroom, but it is still out on your hard drive. Right-click on the folder in the Folders panel, choose Show in Finder/Explorer, and look for the file out there. Delete or rename it, and then the one in LR will move properly.

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