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    Expression error : Unterminated string constant

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      All is in the title :-)


      I follow a motion designer JR. Canest. He give to everyone a bunch of expression for AE.

      I tried one, and I have this error message. I tried the others and it's the same problem.


      Here is my expression I want to try :


      "s = [];

      ps = parent.transform.scale.value;

      for (i = 0; i < ps.length; i++){

      s[i] = value[i]*100/ps[i];





      And I get this message :


      This project contains an expression error : error 1 of 1

      Error at line 1 in proprety "Scale" of layer 2 ('Layer 15') in comp 'Bubble_Grid'. Unterminated string constant., an expression was disabled as a result of an error.



      Thank you very much for your help ! :-)