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    .swf videos

      I use .swf videos in a flash movie, and I load them dynamically. When the videos reach their ends, the all flash movie suddenly slow down, until the video is unloaded.
      What can I do to avoid this?
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          C-Rock Level 2
          unload them as soon as they are finished. most computer can only draw so much at a time so you really don't want anything going on while the video is drawing on the screen. once it's done, unload it, then start back up with what you need to change. make sure you close the ns connection.
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            Grincheux.be Level 1
            But how can I know that the video has finished playing. Is there an event for that (in AS2, video loaded with MovieClipLoader)? I know there's an event when the video has finished loading, but not when finished playing.