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    Hasselblad H5D 50c files wildly different in lightroom cc to Phocus




      I've just upgraded from Nikon to an H5d 50c, I've been using Lightroom for organising the Nikon files and still do, but I'd like to use it for the Hasselblad too as Phocus is much less intuitive, but the way each piece of software interprets each file is wildly different. I have installed the Hasselblad tether plugin but cannot see a way to tell if the true colour system is working in Lightroom cc or not?


      I know programs give varying results but I understood that Hasselblad shared their profiles with Adobe so expected them to at least be similar, so if it's not a setting or something I need to change, I'll just carry on with Phocus as it's not a huge issue.