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    Export quality


      I just started using lightroom on my laptop and I'm a little confused with all the export settings. I was wondering what is the best image quality and resolution to export photos so that they look best? I normally upload photos to a google drive folder so then I can share them with people and the photos are available to download both to their computer and their phone. However, when I saved some of the edited photos to my phone from google drive, they looked less crisp then photos that I downloaded straight from Lightroom Mobile with the "Maximum Available" Image size.  How can ai get photos exported straigh from my desktop to google drive to look as crisp?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          If the problem is sharpness (is that what you mean by "less crisp"?) of the photos on Google Drive, then the problem may be either the way you are exporting and uploading to Google Drive, or the way the photos are being viewed on Google Drive (something I am not familiar with).


          Can you share with us the settings you are using when you export from Lightroom? Particularly under Image Sizing and Sharpening? And the quality slider?


          Can you also show us a screen capture of the image in LR, and the image as seen on Google Drive?

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            sophiemk Level 1

            The Resize box is checke off, with a resolution of 240 pixels per inch and 80 on the quality slider.


            To upload to Google Drive just drag the folder from my desktop into my drive.






            here is a screenshot of a photo in lightroom versus actually in google drive, where it doesn't look like there is much difference.


            But when I save from lightroom mobile at "Maximum available" Image size versus saving from Google Drive,

            I notice a difference




            from lightroom




            from drive.


            It's subtle but noticeable. I think it may be something with my export settings on Lightroom on desktop versus the "Maximum available" export size on the mobile app.


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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Screenshots can not be sent from your phone. You must use a computer and go to the forum website and post the screenshots there. Resolution has no bearing when posting images online. An image that is roughly 1200 pixels on the long side should be adequate. Image quality setting of about 70 is also adequate.

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