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    Cannot use Word 2016 with RoboHelp 2017

    Dave_ITAD Level 1

      Hi everyone,

           I am looking for some help with a new install of TechComm Suite 2017 please, in particular RoboHelp 2017. My full install does not recognize Word 2013 or a more recent new install of Word 2016 (Full Office 365 install). I am operating the latest update of Win10 with the 32 bit install of Word (both versions). I have checked file associations and everything I can see in the forums for similar problems with RoboHelp 2015.

           I cannot export to printed documents because RoboHelp 2017 cannot find Word on my computer. I have also found that I cannot link a Word file and sync the content, but I can import content from a Word document. I have tried this with and without Word running.

           After 2 hours with Adobe Support they tell me that it must be my system and that I should try to reproduce the issue on another computer. Am I meant to be doing the tech support for them? They could only export to Word if they use the hidden Administrator account on my system. My user account has full Admin rights. They set up a new Adobe Admin account and they have the same problem - does not recognize Word. They also moved my install to the C drive (I had it on a larger alternative internal drive to free up the SSD for the operating system) but that made no difference. Then they told me to see if I could reproduce the issue on another computer. They also said that they would do no further troubleshooting until they heard back from me. Using the hidden Admin account seemed a reasonable fix to them! I don't see this as a solution.

           One of my reasons for purchasing RoboHelp was to evaluate for a client with the intent of recommending (or not) for them to purchase and use it for converting their Word documents. The need to use the hidden Admin account is not acceptable for me and I know that any Admin right for a large company is not a solution. They only allow Admin rights to IT staff.

      If I can't get this working, and pretty soon, then I will need to look at other alternatives to RoboHelp, again. Not the tech support I expected, or have previously experienced, from Adobe.

      Thanks in advance,