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    Error! Check Activation.


      Every time I try to download a book as an EPUB from my library’s overdrive website the program Adobe Digital Editions pops up on my computer, just like it should, but instead of loading the book a small window with the words Error! Check Activation. appears instead. It never used to do that and when it started eventually I just uninstalled the version of ADE 2.0 that I was using and reinstalled a more recent version ADE 4.5. The recent version is nice but I’m still having the same issue so I can still not download e-books to my nook like I used to before. Please help me fix it or at least give me some guidance!

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          stefank48247850 Level 1

          Hi Elizabethk.
          I had the same problem after I a few days ago got an Windows 10 update. I have solved it after I found these instructions about an other issue in Digital Editions home page.



          Resolution: Follow these steps:

          1. Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions using one of these two  methods:
            • Start > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Digital Editions  > Uninstall
            • Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove  Programs
          1. Initiate Uninstall
          2. In order to remove all remnants of Adobe Digital Editions /  Adobe Adept from the machine a "Registry Edit" will need to be  performed:
            • Start > Run > Regedit
          3. Search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe >  Adept and Delete the full "Adept" folder
          4. Remove only the structures that are under the "SOFTWARE"  extensions. This will remove the Adobe ID / License and Activation Keys
          5. Clear any outstanding tasks that may be associated to Adobe  Digital Editions downloads
            • C:\data\my digital editions
            • C:\my documents\my digital editions
          6. Delete any documents within these folders:
            • Restore > Tasks
            • Restore > Failed
          7. Re-install Adobe Digital Editions



          I have not used the resolution tasks 5 and 6. After that I have re-installed ADE ver 4.5 and my problem is solved. I hope is of some help. Sorry about my poor English.

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            Inouk Level 1

            Puis-je avoir le mode de fonctionnement en français, car je ne lis pas l'anglais. Merci

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              elizabethk64108648 Level 1

              Thank you very much! ADE not working was driving me crazy and your solution fixed it since you solved my problem!