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    Please Help asap: overset text & blank pages


      So recently I tried to import a word document into InDesign and I have some questions about it.

      First, it will be a really big book with more than 1000 pages (not mine) and it's a real struggle to apply styles to every title and dedication manually.

      When I tried to import the text with " Remove Styles and Formatting" ticked it worked, but as I said I had to do everything manually. When I try to import the document by preserving the styles and formatting something strange happens. Also I forgot to mention that I hold Shift while placing the text (autoflowing). What happens is that the text isn't placed entirely (2nd image). The pages onward are just blank. Please help me as I have to finish this until tomorrow morning and I can't do this entirely manually (I've already done about 600 pages and it's mentally draining). Thanks!Screenshot_7.pngScreenshot_8.pngScreenshot_6.png