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    Welcome to the new Fotolia forum!

    MatHayward Adobe Employee

      As you may have heard, we plan to close the Fotolia forum on July 31 on the Fotolia website. We have set up this new Fotolia forum for Fotolia contributors around the world. In the past, the Fotolia forum was limited to the zone each contributor was registered in. Now we have the opportunity to communicate with all contributors in all zones.

      We would like to standardize on a single and modern forum platform used by all Adobe apps. You can post in your own native language. To read other contributor’s posts in your native language use the ‘Translate’ option next to each post, see instructions here.
      There have been many engaging discussions on the Fotolia forum with many regular users and we hope that you will continue to share thoughts and feedback here in the new Fotolia forum.
      Kind Regards,
      Mat Hayward