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    Multiple moving custom HBoxes

      ** Noob to Flex, Old to programming **
      for My Middle Name's Hussein Website I created a form to capture names. I would ALSO like to read those names from the website (randomly) and combine them with the middle name Hussein (ala Barak Obama) and have them appear individually at the bottom, scroll to the top and then disappear, ala the opening in Star Wars.
      I created a custom HBox that has a text box for each of firstname, the middle name constant "Hussein" and lastname. I have gotten an individual Hbox to do the needed behavior.
      I have tried several different methods (instantiate on the fly, array) and except for instantiating 1 Hbox which does what it is "supposed to" by having the effect occur on creation, I have been unsuccessful.
      In attempting to call the instantiation code based on the timer, I saw nothing and in the attempt to have individual components stored in an array made visible (attaching the effect to showEffect) I saw nothing. (see attached code)
      Am I not doing Timer correctly? Am I handling the multiple objects incorrectly? Any direction (link to example? ideas?) would be greatly appreciated. I have read a lot, but most array information is in re: to data binding. Perchance this could be better done in Flash, but I am more of a developer than a designer so am, in general, more comfortable with the idea of Flex and would prefer to do it there.
      Learning a lot!