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    Weird bug attempting to Sign In to Lightroom Mobile


      Hey all - Having a kind of weird issue, wondering if anyone else has encountered it (although, searching the forums doesn't fill me with confidence )


      So, I just subscribed to the CC Photos plan, installed Lightroom, and I'm attempting to sign in to LR mobile within Lightroom following the guide here.


      However, clicking on the "Sign In" button in the Activity Center does *absolutely nothing*! Not even an error message, or a ding, or anything. The activity center stays open, and it's as if I never clicked it at all.


      Tried a reboot, and I'll try a reinstall now but I'm not optimistic


      Anyone have any idea what's going on? LR Mobile is the entire reason I chose LR over Capture One, so it'd be nice to know my purchase wasn't in vain


      Cheers all.