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    Create 2 Column English-Japanese Comparison


      I followed this guide Adobe InDesign Tips: Japanese/CJK Functionality + English UI to install inDesign in English with some added features only available in the Japanese version. This was done for the purpose of using ruby on top of the Japanese Kanji.


      I am new to inDesign. I am trying to create a document that has two columns. The left column will contain English text only, and the right column will contain Japanese text only (horizontal text, not vertical). I want the English text to flow to the next page and stay on the left column only. I want the same for the Japanese text, but have it stay on the right column. I already have the English text in a .txt document, and the Japanese text in a word document.


      Next, I want to add the ruby (furigana) over the Kanji for the Japanese text. This should be possible after following the guide from the link above.


      Next, I want to align each paragraph with it's respective translation. I will also need to do the proper typesetting for both texts.


      This is intended to be eventually printed. I thought a 6in x 9in (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm), 2 column, 13 mm margin document would be a good size to work with.


      This image gives a general idea of what I am shooting for.

      sidebyside.jpgsource of text: Nippon Talk – Japanese Daycares – 日本の保育園


      How do I do what I want? I appreciate any help I can get.