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    Suggestions & Ideas for the new Fotolia Forums

    anjakaiser Level 3

      Hi guys!


      I'm opening this one in English, because I hope, that our fellow colleagues from other zones/countries will add their own ideas (and maybe concerns) related to the new forums as well.


      While being able to read threads from other countries' contributors is highly appreciated from my (and I guess everyone's!) side, I just came across a post over at the MSG, which revealed a problem which should have been pretty obvious:

      Yesterday, some of us Germans re-opened three of our "old threads" under the same titles, as we have used them for years. But people who don't speak German (of course) don't have *any idea* what those titles mean and consequently whether they're worth reading - so my first suggestion is:


      1. We need a translate button/function for the forum titles, too.


      Second, a question:


      2. Will these forums be moderated in any way and who are our moderators now?


      Feel free to continue, everyone!


      Cheers, Anja