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    Create CC address from field value

    Clarkopolous Level 1

      I am creating a form which will be submitted via email. I need the form to CC an email address based on a field value.

      I need it to be based on: field = employee ID then cc the email address for the particular ID


      I've currently got the rest of it working. Just want to add in this CC function to streamline a process.


      so far I've got:



      var Subject = getField("fieldname").value;




      cTo: "email address",

      cSubject: "Additonal text"=Subject,

      cSubmitAs: "PDF"




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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You should read the full documentation of the mailDoc method... There's a built-in parameter that allows you to do that, called cCc.

          So your could would be:


          var Subject = this.getField("fieldname").value;
          var ccAddress = this.getField("employee ID").value;
               bUI: false,
               cTo: "email address",
               cCc: ccAddress
               cSubject: "Additonal text"+Subject,


          I also fixed some other mistakes you had in your code...