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    PhotoShop CS3


      Adobe doesn't activate CS3 any longer.  I followed the steps on the Adobe website to receive a replacement PhotoShop CS3 that doesn't require the activation.  I followed the instructions with no real problem; but instead of downloading the new version (for which they gave me a serial number) I keep getting the old version that is now frozen because I can no longer activate it.  I have just spent 2 hours on the chat line trying to resolve this problem and did not get the help I needed -- basically just was told the CS3 is a very old program and Adobe does not support it any longer.  I do think that if Adobe has a replacement version to download I should be able to receive support when it does not download properly.  The best he suggested was to come to the forum for answers.  CS3 fixes my needs and I need it back quickly.  Can anyone help me?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The new about CS3 Activation servers was posted here A few days ago.  I followed the instructions and had no real problem downloading and installing CS3 on my windows 10 machine.


          During the installation procedure after you enter the new serial number you were given for the install. You do get an error message about not being able to connect to the activation server.  That is understandable  for they have been retired and activation is not actually needed.  Its just something Adobe failed to tidy up. Just ignore that message. I also received a message some days after that about registration failed.  There were three a button  you could use in the message dialog. I use the one that was something like never register. CS3 seems to work fine.


          One user did have a problem after installing CS3. CS3 was the default Photoshop version on they machine.  They were able to fix that problem.  I did not have that problem and I was able to update CS3 by downloading and installing the two that are needed. Read this thread. Re: CS3 Activation Server Retired





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            LNIphoto Level 1

            During the installation the program doesn't ask for the new serial number. Is there a way to register the serial number so that I can download it a different way?

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              The download installation required me to enter the serial number provided.  If you do not have other versions Of Photoshop installed you should try  uninstalling CS3. Download and use Adobe's cleaner tool to make sure your machine is clean then install CS3.

              Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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                LNIphoto Level 1

                My old version of CS3 is already uninstalled. Downloaded Cleaner Tool and went through the steps.  It didn't find any PhotoShop CS3 sections.  I don't know why when I do the install, it doesn't  ask for the serial number.  Steps I follow:  I am in the section labeled: Obtain a new serial number CS3.  I type in the original CS3 serial number.  It gives me a new number.  I uninstall the original CS3 software; I have checked for cookies, I am using Windows 10.  Following the steps under #4 for install, I click on the English Windows link.  It installs ADBEPHSPCS3_ESD1_WWE.  I open that and follow the steps.   It never asks for the new serial number. 


                I even tried placing the new serial number in the section that asks for the original number to see if it would download it; but it didn't.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Old Photoshop installers do no ask for serial numbers when they find the machine has Adobe hidden activation credentials for the PS version on the disk.   They do not prompt you to activate when you re-install on a machine that has been activated.  It sounds like your machine had CS3 on it.  Is also seems CS3 is not working on your machine.