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    Serial Key for Lightroom 5


      I took down my Lightroom 5 serial number before I rewrote everything on my laptop, however Lightroom is indicating that the number I have is for the upgrade only and require past serial number! I do not have that number, I only have the Lightroom 5 serial number, so how do I obtain a serial number that I no longer have to allow for the valid one I have in my Adobe account to activate my Lightroom again, most importantly why did not Adobe track that information as well if it is required forever!


      No way I am paying for something twice, so any assistance is appreciated.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          First off LR 5 is OLD. If you buy LR 6, which is not the same as LR 5, you are not paying for something twice. LR 6 is a New version.

          As far as I know keeping track of the serial numbers for software you bought is the users responsibility not the software vendors.

          Adobe does allow you to Register the Adobe software you purchase which would then include the serial numbers for them. If you didn't bother to register your older version of LR or keep track of the serial number for it who's fault is that, Adobe's?