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    Shortcut for "cycle through Basic panel settings" doesn't work




      I don't like to use the mouse (or trackpad) at all. I'm always trying to find keyboard shortcuts to speed up my work.

      One thing i miss most is having multiple shortcuts. Exposure, white balance, tint, these are the three main settings I change when i edit a wedding. We can select a setting (ie exposure) and change it using + and <, but we actually need to click on the setting. We can use tab when changing the value to cycle through the settings, but need to hit enter before going to the next photo and then use again the mouse to click on the value to change it.


      Then I saw a video of a guy using a Playstation Controller to edit his pics in Lightroom. He has set his up so that up and down on the D-Pad cycles through the adjustments in Development, and right and left will increase/decrease the values.
      "cycles through the adjustments in Development" ? That's exactly what I want !


      According to this : Keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom , we can "cycle through Basic panel settings (forward/backward)" using ". (period) / , (comma)", except that it doesn't work for me

      N.B. : using a french keyboard.

      Is there something i'm missing ? Can you help me ?
      Thank you

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          When LR is configured for French, it looks like ' (apostrophe) moves focus to the next slider, and no keystroke is defined to move to the previous slider.


          See here for how to change the assigned keyboard shortcuts by editing TranslatedStrings.txt: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/custom-keyboard-shortcuts/ . The relevant lines you might change are: