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    Jagged edges in Illustrator


      Hi everyone,


      I have been experiencing a problem that seemed to have happened out of no where. Whenever I go to make a logo or write any text, the edges are really jagged. It's sort of hard to explain how it looks, so I included a screenshot HERE.


      I looked at other questions on the forum and didn't find anything pertaining to this exact issue. Some other people have been having issues with a different type of jagged edges - to which many suggested turning on the anti-alias option in preferences. I did that and it didn't seem to have done anything. I also tried uninstalling the software (removing preferences) and reinstalling it. It's still doing it.


      It does this to all the texts and any shapes I make. When you look at the screen shot, the top half is text and the bottom half are lines and shapes (the image is zoomed in of course).


      Any suggestions as to how to resolve this will be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you so much for your help!