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    Unable to install updated Flash player on Vista. [was: Double clicking downloaded update doesn't work?]

    sukaji Level 1

      Vista, Firefox


      So I realized my flash player on Firefox was outdated so I downloaded the update through the adobe website, and it downloaded directly to my desktop (as per my settings on Firefox). When I went to double click the exe file it didn't execute. For a split second my cursor gave the waiting/loading signal and then stopped. I checked task manager to confirm it wasn't loading. I then looked at some forums, and deleted all previous flash files from Firefox (shockwave, adobe flash, etc...) and re downloaded each of the files directly from adobe. They all give me the same error (no message, just don't open after double clicking. I updated Vista to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox to no avail, I disabled all add-ons and extensions in Firefox to no avail. I have tried to open exe file while Firefox is both running and not running. I have restarted after each of these attempts, and have also done each attempt without restarting. Vista is up to date, Firefox is latest version, and I have no idea why double clicking the exe adobe install file will no result in the file actually opening. I have right clicked/ open right click/ run as admin, and I'm at a a complete loss.


      Please help,