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      I am at a loss as to how to interpret this error. I'll try and lay this out as simply as possible.


      I am working on a paperwork package for the selling of multiple vehicles. Some line items are divided evenly amongst the number of vehicles sold. If it is not possible to divide the item evenly, I have written a document-level function which calculates the offset in cents:


      function remainderCatch(TotalField,PerField)
      var PerRounded = round(PerField,2);
      var Count = this.getField("SOLD_COUNT").value;
      var Offset = PerRounded * Count;
      var RemainderRaw = Offset - TotalField;
      if (RemainderRaw == 0) {
         event.value = PerRounded
      } else {
         event.value = (TotalField - ((Count-1) * PerField))


      FYI:  The "round" function is a separate document-level function which rounds to the nearest decimal place of your choosing, the hundredths place in this example).


      I have 5 fields which call this function, all under Vehicle #1 (so that only the first vehicle's numbers are adjusted). For this example, the line item I'm working with is called "DEPOSIT.0" (customer down-payment).


      Calculation script under "DEPOSIT.0":


      var DepositTotal = this.getField("TOTAL_DEPOSIT").value;
      var DepositPer = this.getField("DEPOSIT_PER").value;
      var Count = this.getField("SOLD_COUNT").value;
      if (Count > 0)
      event.value = remainderCatch(DepositTotal,DepositPer);
      else event.value = ""


      The calculation works just fine and I am seeing the correct numbers when it is executed. However, I am getting error messages in the console for each of the 5 fields which call this function, and all of them look like this:


      InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown.
      Event.value:7:Field DEPOSIT.0:Calculate


      Can anyone see anything wrong with either code? I cannot figure this out.


      Thank you so much in advance!