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    Photoshop CS3 uninstall and install service version


      Could not activate my Photoshop CS3 and could not activate over phone. Was told to activate on "adobe.com/go/activate".  Followed the instructions of uninstalling my CS3 and dowload a special app for downloading.  Then downloaded the Photoshop CS3 setup files, ran setup and after it finished the icon for Photoshop CS3 was there but when clicked on it would not allow me to enter new serial number provided

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          During the install you should asked for the serial number. You should enter the new serial you just received there when you got the new download and it should install and work.  You will get message the it can not connect to the activation servers for they have been retired if you use help register.


          As you see that is what I get however CS3 is working fine.


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