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    What's the best way to allow outside people access to a PDF file for a limited time?

    The Mavo Level 1

      I need to share a couple documents securely with some people who are not (yet) affiliated with my company. However, I don't want them to have my intellectual property on their systems after they don't need access to it.


      Therefore, I was wondering what the best ways are to share these (PDF) documents with them for just a few days, and then eliminate that access when they no longer need it.


      So far, the closest I've come is to save the files to my Creative Cloud account and provide a public link to the folder but without allowing the files to be downloadable. However, even with the downloadable option switched off, I notice that users can still copy/save previews of each page to their local computers as images (rather like screenshots of each page). It's just a matter of dragging the image from the browser and dropping it onto one's desktop. Is there a way to prevent that? Or is there an altogether different approach I should try.


      Please advise. Thanks.