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    Typing text effect in after effects can you alter speeds?

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      Ok so basically this is what happened, i have a worker from a freelancer website creating me a plain text video. The text appears on the screen. The way it appears is via a typing effect. Now he has sent to me the final version of the finished video and i noticed that the speed of typing varies on some words, not all but some so the majority of the text is fine in terms of the typing animation that occurs but i noticed on some occasion about 5 words in the whole video of 100 words or so that they seem to look like the animation occurs at a slower speed or rate in terms of the type so the letters look like they are appear on the screen slower.


      Now i asked the coder to sort this out and told him that i wanted one consistent speed and that i didn't want those words to slow down his reply was the following:-



      We have control over speed with regards to keyframes as I mentioned above. Beyond that no. After effects does not make different speeds, it sets a default speed which we then alters by moving the keyframes



      the closer the keyframes are to each other the faster the effect, the farther they are the slower the effect



      Thing is when u ask me to alter the speed at a point, I need to take into consideration altering the speed of everything before and after to match, cos I alter according to what I feel is best speed but we are not the same person. So every alteration that u put me through is constant work & rework, There seems to be no end cos u cant be satisfied & I can never close this project. That's basically what it's come down to



      Everything & everyone has limitations including people & software. I can only fix what I can, not everything that you think you need just because you don't have an understanding o how the process works.




      So basically im here to pick the brains of one of you guys to let me know does this guys know whats he is talking about and is he right or is there a solution to this? I mean when you play computer games the typing effect of the text is consistent on all words from what i can see is that creative process not offered in after effects? Is it the case that the default typing animation built into after effects has limitations? Could this be created as stand alone by someone more well equipped to fix this? Its only 5 words that look slower (confused)


      Thanks so much for ur help guys awesome forum here to!