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    Best use of a Samsung 950 pro m.2 NVME drive for Premiere?

    poppabear69 Level 1

      I just got the 950 Pro 512 GB NVME drive.  I also have the Samsung 850 Evo 1tb SATA3 drive and a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9266-4i with 4 1TB drives in RAID 5.


      I lost all my RAID data when I lost two drives out of the four.  Initially, I lost one and when I added a replacement drive, I lost another one.  I believe my RAID controller card is dying.  I am going to abandon my RAID because I can get much better performance from the NVME drive.


      The 850 EVO is my boot drive.  I was going to make the 950 Pro my boot drive, but it would only give me a marginal improvement in boot times.


      Reading the Tweakers page,  I believe my best use of the two drives is


      850 EVO - OS, Programs, Pagefile

      950 Pro - Media Cache, Media, Projects, Previews, Exports


      One alternative is to make my 950 pro the boot drive and put all of the files on it.  Most of my projects are small enough to do this.


      Also, I can only put RAPID on one drive with Samsung Magician and I was going to put it on the 950 Pro.


      Any opinions?


      Intel i7-5960X

      ASUS x99 Deluxe

      EVGA GTX-760

      32GB Crucial RAM