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    Media Encoder Error. Details in the description


      So I tried to render my composition in media encoder CC 2017 and got this error:

      Export Error

      Error compiling movie.



      Render Error



      Render returned error.



      Writing with exporter: H.264

      Writing to file: \\?\C:\Users\HP\Desktop\AE Projects\montage2Intro_AME\Der Kreis_2.mp4

      Writing file type: H264

      Around timecode: 00:00:33:45 - 00:00:33:53

      Rendering at offset: 33,750 seconds

      Component: H.264 of type Exporter

      Selector: 9

      Error code: -1609629695


      There is no extremly special effect at that time, it's actually just the video..