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    Issues with creating text and adding filters after the new update


      Hey Guys!


      Since the latest update I'm having issues with creating text. Like the text is HUGE, I've been trying to lower the resolution but it didn't help that much. Like I've to set up 0,5pt to even be able to see the letters on the screen. And I've tried different fonts but that doesn't help at all.

      And this problem only comes when I create a new blank picture or when I recently have cropped an image. And when this happens I also get the issue with adding filters to the text, the filters don't appear to be the way they usually are as you can see on the screenshot.


      My photoshop is on swedish (on the picture) but I hope that's okey. (And on the picture I was going to make new panels for Twitch).


      I'm having Photoshop Elements 13 and having Windows 10 if that matters.


      Appriciate all kind of help, thanks!