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    Advice needed regarding selling Photoshop CS6

    mm15288901 Level 1

      Hello.  I wasn’t sure if I should submit to the forum or contact Adobe directly, but I would appreciate anyone’s input/advice.


      Five years ago, I had purchased the boxed Photoshop CS6 from an authorized Adobe re-seller but never ended up using it, because once I had learned about Lightroom, I felt it better suited my needs.  Although I had removed the plastic shrink wrap that the box came in, I never opened the manufacture tape on both ends – so, it is in Like New condition. 


      I would like to sell it, but I am concerned that if I did, the buyer could potentially install it, complain for any reason (even though there is nothing wrong with it), request a refund, and re-sell the serial number.  However, if I choose to use the Transfer of License Form through Adobe, I would have to open the box and register it.  I don’t mind choosing this option, but I would like to sell it in its current Like New condition.


      My question is:  Should I sell it as is and take a chance with the buyer?  Or, should I open the box and register it first in my name and then transfer the license to the buyer?


      While the answer might seem obvious to some, I was not sure and wanted to get others’ thoughts.


      Thank you.