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    Lumetri render error

    VidNoob Level 1

      I cannot catch a break with premiere today. Anyone have a clue what this error could be? I realize it's Lumetri but the sequence itself renders fine, but fails on export.



      Around timecode: 00:02:06:10 - 00:02:06:18

      Rendering effect: AE.ADBE Lumetri

      Rendering at offset: 126.543 seconds

      Component: EffectFilter of type GPUVideoFilter

      Selector: 9

      Error code: -1609629695

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          Maybe GPU acting up? Try changing to software only on AME

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Fix the clip at the given time.

            Delete, replace on timeline, reapply effect or ......

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              VidNoob Level 1

              The problem is narrowed down to a Creative lut applied to an adjustment layer that spans the entire film. When i look at the preview in AME, you can see the lut isn't applied anymore after a certain point, and eventually the render fails.


              it just started randomly doing this. Why does it just decide to start doing things randomly? There's no excuse for this.


              I imported the sequence into a new project, replaced the layer and re applied the effect and still the same thing. Such nonsense.

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                R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                No idea what  you've got going there, I do that sort of thing all the time, have never had this. Nor has it been a common complaint ... except for 1) after one release where there were some odd things between PrPro/AME, which got cleaned up ... 2) personal choices for placement and use of LUTs/Looks that are not perhaps a Best Practices ... and 3) graphics card/driver/OS issues.


                So, to actually help sort this, we need information ... and I'm not asking for this for fun, but because everything I ask for might be of interest in the puzzling here. (Some people give one or two bits of information at a time, then are ticked we can't guess everything else and solve their troubles NOW ... but "we" aren't omniscient, we need information to help.)


                OS/CPU/RAM/GPU/vRAM, the video driver number, whether you're in software-only, CUDA, OpenGL, or Metal acceleration, the number-dot-number version of PrPro being used (do NOT waste time with "latest"), what drives you are using on the computer and how your media/assets are on them in your project, the type of media you're working with and what produced it ... game-play, camera, phone/device, and what other effects you are using in the timeline.


                Plus ... which specific LUT are you using in the A-L that croaks ...


                Does it export when direct from PrPro but fails from AME ...


                If there's a difference between AME & PrPro on exporting, is "Import sequences natively" checked or unchecked in AME's preferences dialog?



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                  VidNoob Level 1

                  Figured it out after an hour. It wasn't Lumetri specifically, but a specific clip. It may have had something to do with the fact that I decided to update to the new version of Premiere last night and found that all MTS files in the project were offline. Noped out of that mess to go back to the old version and I still had the media offline issue now for some odd reason. Took me hours to figure out I needed to duplicate the media and relink to the new folders for them to reconform and show up (In hindsight I may have just had to rename the original folders and not duplicate). I isolated the clip and did a render replace. Exported fine. Slowly added the Lumetri back on to everything and it worked. I'm on the 11.0.1(6) build btw.

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                    VidNoob Level 1

                    UPDATE: NOW the render fails immediately when I try exporting the full sequence.. Jesus Christ

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Make new project and import old one into.

                      See how that goes.

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                        VidNoob Level 1

                        I decided to try the new version of PP again and I got the same media offline issue with  my MTS files once again. So when i tried relinking the media, it told me same as last time that the audio doesn't match the clip references and will be deleted, so I duplicated the original folders again to relink to them (Which worked last time) but yet won't work now. Even the new duplicated clips are giving me the audio references error. I am ready to explode here.

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                          VidNoob Level 1

                          UPDATE: Copying to a complete other drive worked to allow re linking. I'm confused why when opening and converting the old project to work in a new version that 1: The links disappear with MTS, and 2: whey when even going back to the old project in another version the links are still gone, and 3: Why does it work again when the files are in complete different spots? I could delete the cache folders and relink to when when they were in the original location and it still won't work.


                          Copied into a new project and exporting now.. it at least didn't fail at the start.

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                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            3. every reference to those files are gone (which is a good thing). Just clearing cache is not enough.

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                              VidNoob Level 1

                              But how would they break just by upgrading to a new version and opening a project file from another version? I never had that happen.

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                                benwinter Level 2

                                Hi VldNoob. You don't happen to have an nvidia GTX series graphics card do you?


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                                Re: Media Encoder Error. Details in the description


                                This is absolutely a common problem. I get it as well. Clearly there's a bug within Lumetri. Every time I try to bring it up with Adobe techs they basically shrug their shoulders and tell me to update my drivers.


                                I'm sorry my friend. The best you can do right now is just avoid using Lumetri until somebody upstairs gets around to fixing it.

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                                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Avchd files seem to be a bit of a pita.