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    Why are PDFs from InDesign poor quality and have variable results?

    dsev1 Level 1



      I am hoping someone may be able to help me to figure this out...


      I have an image that I created (original.png) below. It is 1165 x 900. This was saved from photoshop with a 300 dpi. Please notice it looks fairly clean and high quality:



      I placed this image InDesign. The problems arise when I try to create a PDF.  (Please note all high quality settings were used for creating these PDFs, like I checked my downsampling to be a minimum of 300 (and I've tried no downsampling) and high quality print option is used, etc).


      When I use the PRINT> Adobe Print method to create the pdf, I get this (below). Please notice the degradation of quality PLUS artifacting (if you look closely).---BUT it gets even worse...

      1_ AdobePrint PDF.png


      When I try to use the EXPORT option to create a PDF (Adobe PDF (print) or (interactive)), I get terrible results (below):




      Would anyone please help me to correct this, so my PDF quality will be better?  Thank you.