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    Best recommendation for a new laptop for a PRO Photoshop user


      Hi there I've been using PS CC 2017 on a mid 2012 15" macbook pro retina for many years now and it is really starting to show it's age since I do very complex and massive digital artworks (sometimes 18"x24" 240DPI) involved hundreds of image layers, smart objects, shapes and blending modes. My doc sizes are in the 2-4 GBs usually. I was super excited to see macbook pro updated last year but as most pros feel a bit cheated that they still only allow a max of 16GB DDR3 RAM still (my old 2012 mac has that same amount!) However that being said the July update for macbook pro has added the 3.1/4.1 GHz Intel 7th gen and also a faster SSD HD to my knowledge.


      Now I really really want to work with Mac OS I have never liked Windows OS but I could get a maxed out Dell Precision 15" with the same chipset, about the same screen, about the same graphics card, a type 50 SSD 1TB and most importantly up to 64GB DDR4 RAM. That of course would cost me an additional 1K. But I really would like to hear some real world artists opinions on the RAM issue. Is it truly going to make such a massive difference in speed by having more than 16GB? Since the processor is maxed out and PS mainly uses a single core wouldn't that be more important? Could I get away with the latest macbook with an upgraded 2TB utilizing the super fast SSD as a scratch disk? I have a 2013 Mac Pro Trash Can Cylinder with 64GB RAM and it seems to do better but the processor is also newer as compared to my 2012 macbook pro.


      Now I could be smarter a bit in my work flow by rasterizing smart objects and working on a huge canvas and lowering resolution to say 72dpi and then downsizing to 300dpi after final. That may help too I'm sure. I just don't want to go to Windows lol.


      Any thoughts on this? Appreciate it very much!