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    database fro dir mx2004

    rechtut Level 1
      I am getting set to start a project that needs to use some FLAT data, nothing relational.

      when selectiong a town, i need to pull the relevant data from the data source

      the data is basic: 800 entries, with some 15 fields each:
      -name of town
      -etc., etc., etc
      -history/info (up to 3000 charecters)
      -image path 1
      -image path 2

      I would greatly appreciate some input on couple of doubts.

      1. Is ms access (w/datagrip Xtra) a good solution for this???, considering the overall size of the db and considering that the history/info field contains text of up to 3000 charecters (access does not seem to admit that many to any one field)

      2. since the data is flat, could i do this just with ms excel spreadsheet??? Are spreadsheets searchable (a sadly ignorant question, i know)?

      3. considering the simplicity of the structure , yet the volume of text, should i even consider doing this as lingo lists?

      thanks for all and any input