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    After Effects 2017 lags wtih everything...not only on the preview


      Hey there!


      My problem is that yesterday, After Effects (2017) started suddenly to lag massively and I'm not speaking only for the RAM Preview. It happens with everything: pushing buttons, duplicating a layer, opening a comp.

      The projects that I'm working on are not that complex and the PC specs are pretty high (64gb RAM, 1700 Ryzen, nVIDIA 1080 Ti). Anyway, everything was just fine before yesterday. Besides clearing the cache folders I don't have any ideas.


      One thing that changed though is that I've installed the plugin Animation Composer. On one of the two projects that I'm currently working right now, I've used the plugin for some animations. Yesterday I needed it again so when I've opened Animation composer, AE started to lag more and more as I interacted with the plugin (just by opening it up for ex. or move the plugin panel around). And of course when I've tried to apply an animation, AE crashed. I then open up another project (without Animation Composer animations in it) and the same lagginess is present. Is it possible that the plugin has something to do with it? Have any ideas?


      Thank you for your time!