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    Creating a  fillable form

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      Good morning,


      I am a very experienced user of computer programs many of which involve design for both print and websites.


      I have now wasted four hours trying to use Acrobat DC to create a ONE PAGE fillable form from an existing non-fillable form.


      I have found your program to be the worst I have ever encountered.


      The instructions are so inadequate and confusing as to be completely unusable.


      Further, the tool for developing a form has a number of faults.


      Needless to say I am not going to spend another four hours detailing all of the difficulties that have arisen. So I will mention only a few:


      When watching your online video for using the form Wizard, it is not clear as to what the existing form needs to have for the Wizard to enter a text box. When the presenter moves the automatically created text box to show you what she terms ‘a line’ the Wizard uses for making the fillable box, no line is visible.


      The instructions on how to open a document from which to create a fillable form  do not state if the document must first be opened in Acrobat or exactly what format the doc must be in. The impression is it can be in any format. No matter what format I have the doc in or what program it is open in, when I select the document for loading into the box, the box flickers with a blue outline and nothing loads in. At one point, after a number of attempts, the title of the document appeared under the flickering blue box but nothing was in the box and it only stopped flickering when I closed the program.


      The Scan function worked.


      The ‘Properties tab has a considerable number of options with no explanation anywhere as to what they do.


      When locked, a number of the Properties settings revert to a default setting by themselves. This frequently happens with the font box, where the font reverts by itself to Helvetica even when lock is checked. The Form Property box frequently reverts to “visible” when locked.


      So I decided to Save the form. What a nice surprise….the form saved as READ ONLY…


      So, I  figure there must be some as yet unexplained method for saving. I finally find reference to a ‘Distribute’ button….not that I want to distribute anything…that you press after you finish creating the form. So I press it and it says I have to Save the form first…


      So it has a Save button, so I press it…it doesn’t say anything about where it has saved to or in what format….it just asks me where I want to distribute the form to, email  or intranet….




      As my intranet is pretty fried by this stage, I go for the email….


      Ahhhh, this is getting toooo easy…of course the emailed doc opened as  READ ONLY …..


      So, after yet another internet search, I find one instruction page that says to click the Edit box and it will go to a Preview setting where one is supposed to check you can write in the text boxes. Please, you really don’t need me to answer this for you… Who  ever heard of a Text Box you can’t write in……..if you didn’t know what OXY-MORON meant before, you do now…


      So….I couldn’t write in any of the text boxes…


      Hmmmm, if you need a preview box to check you can write in the Text boxes,  what does that suggest… clearly, it is anticipated that you might not be able to write in the Text boxes…


      No, there’s nothing about what to do if you can’t write in the Text Boxes…


      And NO, I have not checked the ‘read only box in the Properties. I mean, how much fun would it be if I’d simply cheated???


      So I reloaded the Acrobat program twice having fully erased it each time and having made sure I do not have the reader on the PC. (oh I guess I missed the research on that out, never mind, you get the drift…)


      So I go back to the? help section. I type in “Can’t type in Text box”


      The following comes up:


      Can't type in a text box or text callout box

      ... all of the commenting tools and can create a text box and a text callout box, but I cannot type in them. ... My text box and text callout box work just fine with every other program that I use ...

      Mar 2013  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1176149

      From Adobe Forums  This question has been answered 2relevant replies

      Correct Answer 5. Now you can add text or delete the comment! ... I haven't yet found why the comments are defaulted to locked, but I'm guessing that there is a setting to change somewhere. ... Brian


      Now that’s what I call helpfull!!! Now all I need to do is find out what a ‘text callout box’ is, where it is, and if mine has a padlock on it…………….l


      Needless to say I totally agree with Brian’s last sentence.


      So I go back to the Acrobat ? and type in “text callout box”…..and what do you think came up??????


      The item above by Brian…


      So after all that, I now have exactly what I scanned in.


      And I'm paying for this?


      My intranet’s totally overloaded and it’s started repeating “DANGER WILL ROBINSON…DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!”


      So I’m off to re-boot it to it’s default setting…”BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, THERE’S NO INTELLIGENT LIFE HERE”.