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    eof immediately after open - why?

    K.Daube Level 2

      Dear all,

      A script to read an entry from an ini file fails although the file exists and can be opened with any editor - also the entry exists.

      I have used this routine in other circumstances without this problem - coming back (after a detour to another script language) I do not understand...

      Line 23 opens the file (or has it a problem?) - how to diagnose the problem?

      The While is skipped and the error message is issued.


      // FM-dict.jsx
      #target framemaker
      var appdata    = app.UserSettingsDir;             // %appdata%\Adobe\FrameMaker\<version>
      var FMdictDir  = appdata.replace (/Adobe.*/ , "D+DD\\FM-dict");
      $.writeln (dddDir)
      var iniFile    = FMdictDir + "\\FM-dict.ini";
      $.writeln (iniFile) // C:\Users\Klaus\AppData\Roaming\D+DD\FM-dict\FM-dict.ini
      var currentPrj = GetIniValue (iniFile, "currentPrj")
      var currentDir = GetIniValue (iniFile, "currentDir")
      $.writeln (currentPrj + " = " + currentDir)
      function GetIniValue (sIniFile, sValueName) { //===================================================
      // Read an ini item into a variable 
      // Function returns sFoundValue
      // sValueName is that used in the ini-file
        var thisLine, match, notFound = true; 
        var regex = {
          section: /^\s*\[\s*([^\]]*)\s*\]\s*$/,
          param: /^\s*([\w\.\-\_]+)\s*=\s*(.*?)\s*$/,
          comment: /^\s*;.*$/ } ;
        settingsFile = new File($.fileName.replace (/[^\\\/]+$/i , sIniFile)); // method Ric Quatro
        while(!settingsFile.eof) { 
          thisLine = settingsFile.readln();                  
          if (thisLine === null || thisLine === "") {   // skip blank lines
          if (regex.comment.test(thisLine))  {          // skip comment lines
          if (regex.section.test(thisLine))  {          // ignore section lines
          match = thisLine.match(regex.param);          // ignore undefined contents
          if (match[1] == sValueName) {
            sFoundValue = match[2];
            notFound = false;
            break;                                      // found - leave loop
        if (notFound) {
          Alert ("Program error in GetIniValue: \n\nsValueName " + sValueName + "\nnot found in sIniFile " + sIniFile, Constants.FF_ALERT_CONTINUE_WARN);
        return sFoundValue;
      } // --- end GetIniValue


      With $.writeln (settingsFile.error) in line 24 I get "File or folder does not exist" - although It is exactly there and can be opened even by FrameMaker.

      I have created a new file E:\FM-dict.ini - and replaced line 6 by


      var iniFile = "E:\FM-dict.ini"

      =>  same error!


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      I have now changed line 24 to

      $.writeln (settingsFile.error + " =>" + settingsFile.name)

      And what do I see? settingsFile.name is reported as E:FM-dict.ini => the backslash is missing and of course Windows does not find this file.

      Hm, why could this routine work for some years correctly?


      Well, in the string I must double the backslash:

      var iniFile = "E:\\FM-dict.ini"

      But this did not help either

      I/O error =>FM-dict.ini

      ... need to break this down further

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          K.Daube Level 2

          Where does this I/O error come from?

          // RedIniFile.jsx
          var iniFile = "E:\\Anything.ini" 
          $.writeln (iniFile)                                  // E:\Anything.ini
          var currentPrj = GetIniValue (iniFile, "currentPrj")
          function GetIniValue (sIniFile, sValueName) { //===================================================
            settingsFile = new File($.fileName.replace (/[^\\\/]+$/i , sIniFile)); // method Ric Quatro
            $.writeln (sIniFile + " => " + settingsFile.name) // E:\Anything.ini => Anything.ini
            $.writeln (settingsFile.error)                    // I/O error
          } // --- end GetIniValue

          Anything.ini is in Windows code page 1252 as ini files must be

          ; Settings for the utility FM-dict.ahk
          currentPrj =Client_B
          currentDir =E:\Client_B\Dictionary

          There was movie by Werner Herzog: Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos

          So do I

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            K.Daube Level 2

            Ha, sometimes a pause solves such problems. After lunch before the coffe it came to my mind: It always worked for the ini file beeing in the same directory as the script...

            Line 22 must read:

            settingsFile = new File(sIniFile);

            Thanks for listening!