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    Much improved hardware specs not improving export time...?


      My wife edits a lot of videos for her work. For the last couple years or so she has been using an off the shelf HP Envy Phoenix desktop -


      Intel i7-4770 CPU (4 cores)

      16GBs RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
      SanDisk 480GB SSD Drive (Cant remember the exact one).


      When she would encode a video it would max out the CPU to 100% and use around half the RAM. A 10 minute video would take around 2+ hours to encode.


      She recently had me build her a PC in hopes that it would reduce encoding times -


      Intel i9-7900x CPU (10 cores)

      Corsair 32GB DDR4 (2x16)

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB

      Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD

      ASUS PRIME X299-A Motherboard



      When she tries to encode a 10 minute video now, not only does it not take less time, it actually seems to take more...


      She used a video project she knew took 2 hours to encode on the old PC, encoded it on the new PC, and it still said it would take 2 hours. After a couple hours of internet searches and checking settings to try and figure out why it didn't seem to be improving the encoding time, we decided to leave the video to encode for a while to see what would happen. We went and watched TV for a couple of hours, came back, and it still said 2+ hours remaining even though the video had progressed to around half completed... so apparently it at least doubled the encoding time that her old desktop would take.


      We're both very confused.



      We've done searches, messed with settings, made sure all drivers are up to date, and tried old versions of Premiere (in the past, an update caused encoding times to go way up) but nothing has made a difference.

      The settings are set for CUDA accelerated. Ive tried doing a clean install of the GPU drivers, Ive updated the motherboard BIOS, Ive messed with various BIOS settings for the CPU (all things Ive had people tell me to try just to see what happens) and nothing.  I ran a benchmark test of the PC because someone told me there may be something wrong somewhere, and the results seemed good to me (not that I really know what Im looking at).  A 10 minute video is still taking well over 2 hours to encode.  The CPU is a little more than half used, RAM is a little less than half.

      At one point she started a completely new project and didnt put any kind of effects or anything in it, and the encoding time was the same on the new and old computer. The old computer actually seemed to be a few minutes faster.


      We both expected far better results out of this new PC, and needless to say shes very disappointed.


      So what am I missing here?




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