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    Delete all SNAPSHOTS with script


      I am trying to set up a workflow for my coworkers to easy adjust color, brightness and so on simply by clicking on a SNAPSHOT that easily shows them the result. The SNAPSHOT is generated by a master macro that calls alarge number of macros. But my clever :-) solution fails because I would like to give them the oppurtunity to run the master macro twice (for example to adjust brightness) and they are then prompted with a dialog that asks them if they would like to overwrite the SNAPSHOT that already exist wit the the same name. I simply cant find an easy way to delete SNAPSHOTS. History palette is easy to delete. If this was just a handful of macros I could figure out a way to fix it manually, but I have like 80-100 macros in different groups.


      I have thought of this solution:



          - SELECT ALL. COPY.

          - DELETE ALL SNAPSHOTS (with script)

          - PASTE IMAGE

          - RUNS MACRO APPLE (saving snapshot Apple)

          - RUNS MACRO TOMATO (saving snapshot Tomato)

          - GOES ON FOR SEVERAL MORE ...


      The user chooses snapshot TOMATO and also wants to run snapshot APPLE. Clicks MACRO 1 again.



      Anyone out there that can think of a solution or other idea?



      (Photoshop CS6 on a Mac)