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    Lag Problems with Photoshop CC on my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro


      I have the top tier Wacom Mobile Studio Pro (i7 16gb RAM) but I'm still getting lag issues. The task manager says Photoshop is only using around 1500mb of RAM (45% of my total) and I've set Photoshop to allow to use 90% of the memory. The lag happens when I'm moving back a step or undoing, it takes like 5-10 seconds before it does anything and I use the lasso tool very heavily. The first stroke is fine but when I use shift and alt to add or omit sections of the selected area, it takes a while before it does anything if anything at all. The file I'm working on has 600 layers or so. Before I got the Wacom I Tablet, I worked on my desktop which has an i5 and 8gb of RAM and it worked perfectly fine. What is going on? Help me.