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    Changing the header in the Charcoal_Grey layout


      Hi, I recently followed some very helpful advice on this forum on adding an image to the right side of the header in the Charcoal_Grey output for the Responsive HTML5 output in RoboHelp 2017. I added the following in the Layout.css file, which worked perfectly:


      div.header {

                  background-image: url('logo_test.png');

                  background-repeat: no-repeat;

                  background-position: right center;


      However, I now need to add a pinstripe that runs all the way across the header, as shown in the attached image. Please could you advise how I can do this. Could I add another image, and specify its position below the above image, or perhaps it would be possible to create another "header" and place it below the existing one? Any advice would be appreciated.


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