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    Slow pc ? rendering time ?



      i am most of the time an audio guy using audition and recently started using after effects.

      I bought a new pc : Win 10 pro, Ryzen 7 Processor, 32Gb ram, GeForce GTX1080Ti, several ssd's

      Started working on it and it's really fast, reliable and stable in audition, but when i have a project in after effects, it's slow, very slow, for instance, i have a project ready, i render it on my 6 year old i5 processor laptop with 12Gb ram and no special graphics card and it takes 34 minutes to render, if i render the same project on my new pc it takes more then 4 hours !  Tried contacting the adobe helpdesk, but did not receive any more help, they said, it probably is a hardware issue and they are a software company so, go figure it out yourself...  so now what ?


      Someone knows why that is happening ? I've also noticed that Ram preview is almost non existing on my new pc, it just wont work...

      When i opened up task manager, i've noticed that my processor is only at 11% during rendering ?