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    flex and coldfusion

      Can some tell me how I can use a text Input to search a database and display records in a datagrid? I need an answer ASAP. please!!!!

      Thank you
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          Gaurav J Adobe Employee
          Can you elaborate more on the problem?

          Are you asking how to pass text input value to remote object or how trigger a remote object call from text input??

          As to how to display the results in the datagrid. YOu can assign the returned results to datagrid's data provider in the result handler of your remote object.
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            cliffy2009 Level 1
            I am just trying to use a text input field to search a database using a remote object. Then, I want to populated the search data into a datagrid. Or Is there any way I can double click on a datagrid and It gives me more information from the database?
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              Gaurav J Adobe Employee
              I would use a button and on the click event of the button I would pass the text input value to the remote object method.

              something like:
              <mx:RemoteObject id="dataManager" showBusyCursor="true" destination="ColdFusion" source="components.results">
              <mx:method name="getData" result="onResult(event)" fault="onFault(event)" />

              private function clickHandler():void {
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                Gaurav J Adobe Employee
                And yes, you can also fetch additional data from the database by calling remote object methods on itemClick event.