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    Adobe draw app syncing won’t finish


      When I try to delete something or send it to my desktop from the adobe draw app on my iPad, it just says sync in progress, and also has that round processing circle that keeps going.  It doesn’t stop until I close my iPad right down and restart everything.

      also I can not get things to go to my desktop version of illustrator.  I have an old version of Adobe illustrator on my desktop. Does it have to be a new version for it to transfer to my desktop? Thanks

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          In order to sync your editable artwork, you'll need CreativeCloud.  If your subscription is still active, you can update your Illustrator to make sure the sync process will work.


          As long as you can sync it to the corresponding CreativeCloud version (assuming that you are logging into both iPad and desktop with the same account), you can save the work out to ANY version of Illustrator.


          Make sure that your CreativeCloud software on the desktop is up to date.  I've experienced times where the Cloud app is the only thing holding me back.  Also - it's sometimes necessary for me to restart the computer just to give it a blank page.


          If you're logged into two different machines (laptop / desktop)  Check to make sure that the image isn't syncing with the 'other' computer.  I used to have the sync'd image pop up on my PC instead of my Mac laptop.

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            r_r_a_a Level 1

            Thank you for the informatio, but it hasn't fixed the proble.  My creative cloud version is up to date.  My illustrator desktop version, I cannot update as it is from a disc from about 8 years ago (not an annual subscription).  When I press send to illustrator from the app it says 'sent'.  Can you please tell me what to do from there... how do I see it on the desk top illustrator?

            as for the 'sync in progress' this seems to happen when I sometimes try to save a large file or exit from the app...the round circle is always there and it won't finish syncin.  I have the newest and most up to date iPad Pro, so it shouldn't be happenin. Thanks

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi RRAA.


              About your first question: It's not possible to send work from Draw to any non-Creative Cloud-version of Illustrator. That's why you're getting a Sent! notification in the app then never seeing the drawing again.


              My suggestion would be to choose  Send to CC Files as PDF. That will save the Draw file as a scalable hi-res image accessible from the CC Files Folder on the desktop, the Files tab in the Creative Cloud Mobile App, and when logged in with your Adobe ID to https://assets.adobe.com/files and you'll be able to open that in an older version of Illustrator.


              About the constant syncing: Please sign in with your Adobe ID to https://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=draw and see if you see all the work on your iPad represented there.


              Let me know what you find and we can go from there.



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                r_r_a_a Level 1

                Hello, I have signed in to the Adobe assets and can see all of my work there.  However,I still have a problem with the syncing for some of the files, where the only way I can get it to stop is to shut the iPad right down.  Would the syncing take a very long time after I have done a lot of pencil colouring over the top of various other colours?  I am wondering If it makes the file size too large for the app to handle if I am doing drawings and colourings over the top of one another? Thanks for your help.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hi RRAA.


                  Yes. Sometimes a particular project will cause this endless syncing. Since all of your work is showing up on assets.adobe.com, try in this order:


                  * First try signing out of the app, restarting your device, then signing back in.

                  * If that doesn't stop the endless sync, of if you're unable to sign out because of the syncing, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.


                  Let me know how that goes.



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                    r_r_a_a Level 1

                    Thank you for your help.  i have tried that, and restarting the app or shutting down the iPad does stop the endless syncing.  However it does still keep happening I believe with files that are too large.  Is there a way to see the file size of something you are working on in the adobe draw or sketch apps?  Also is there a way to reduce the file size without loosing image quality.  For example I assume with using the Apple pen for colouring in work it would take a lot of file storage if you want to colour over the same area numerous times to get different effects.  Is there a way to sort of flatten this after you have finished your work to reduce file size? Thanks

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                      This is actually something the product team is looking into so I do have insight into a few things that can that can increase file sizes (they tend to have a bit to do with people's drawing styles):


                      * frequent use of paint-bucket-fills

                      * erasing-and-redrawing 

                      * and, also sometimes, frequent use of layer merge


                      Would you say you use any of these techniques when you draw?



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                        KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                        The more detailed the project is the longer it takes for me to sync.


                        Also, I have the added hurdle of occasionally syncing VIDEO files from PremiereClip sometimes.  The sync process can be fairly long if there's a lot of content to send to the cloud.  Here are a few things I do to make sure my sync goes as quickly as possible.


                        • #1 ~ Make sure you have COMPATIBLE versions of Draw and Illustrator Desktop. I don't think they have to be exactly the same, but they have to be able to recognize each other.  If you have CC, you can update both desktop and mobile versions easily. When you say "old" version, just double check to make sure it can see your sent files.


                        • Strong, reliable internet.  Seems obvious, but sometimes even walls or upstairs/downstairs will hiccup my connection at friends houses.
                        • USB Connected anyway.  I just keep it plugged in and unlocked (no sleep till brooklyn).  My syncing is a background process that I can monitor whenever possible.
                        • Make sure all of your other apps are closed.  My iPhone has a few apps that don't know when to share resources.  Seems benign, but all of those little apps in the background might be causing trouble too.
                        • Last (failsafe) way of seeing your flattened documents: http://assets.adobe.com
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