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    Homesite R.I.P

      Macromedia sure knows how to kill a popular and amazing product. WHY not sell the source to a company that cares?
      PLEASE ALLAIRE TELL ME I'M DREAMING, Tell me that the Devil (Macromedia) did not buy this software from you, just to let it go. GOD DAMN!

      I HATE MACROMEDIA (ADOBE)... It's pointless to still have Homesite in their product catalog. ARGH.

      Ok i'm cool now.
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          JeffW Level 1
          Believe me, you're not the only HomeSite user who is passionate about it, and who has been very disappointed by the lack of attention it's gotten the past few years under Macromedia. There's still hope for Adobe, but users probably need to push them to get anything moving. (in my entirely-unofficial opinion)

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            webgal Level 1
            Homesite was originally written by Nick Bradbury,
            who sold it to Allaire,
            who sold out to Macromedia,
            who just merged with Adobe.
            It hasn't really seen the love for years ...
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              JeffW Level 1
              fyi, if you'd like some more of the history, Wikipedia has a well-written entry on HomeSite.

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                Hey... I hope that Adobe takes the product seriously. I have little use for dreamweaver and quite honestly was a little tired of Macromedia pushing it so hard. I actually found myself installing Allaire's Homesite 3.0 a while back because Homesite 5.5 ceased to be stable (again) for some odd reason in the middle of a project.

                The net is litterred with badly done dreamweaver made sites and I think it's BS that the only way to aquire new versions of homesite is to buy that POS that is dreamweaver.
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                  Fast_Puppy Level 1
                  Then again Adobe owns Homesite now so the new price will probably be like $500 or something stupid like that. I find it amazing that Adobe never figured out that maybe people would actually buy thier products if they were... oh I don't know... affordable.
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                    I am really happy to see that I am not alone in my agony over the lack of development on Homsite. I am developing in PHP and have been happy with Homesite for the job. But as scripts get larger and larger, it would be really nice to have som built in features like variable "autocomplete" and other goodies that dedicated PHP editors have. For the last few years I have frequently searched the net for news about Homsite 6.0, but as it never happened, I gave up and bought PHPEd ($300) a few weeks ago. I am now back with Homesite as there is just no replacement in my opinion. :-(

                    So this is my plee to Adobe - please take up development of Homesite again, I am sure you would make a lot of developers happy. Alternatively sell the product to someone who will take it further.

                    Jesper Dudal
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                      JeffW Level 1
                      Fast Puppy wrote: "and I think it's BS that the only way to aquire new versions of homesite is to buy that POS that is dreamweaver."

                      Not true. You can buy HomeSite without Studio. It's available as a standalone product - always has been. Look here or in stores.

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                        JeffW Level 1
                        jdudal , have you tried the autocomplete scripts that users have created for homesite? look on my asp4hs/php4hs site.


                        One of the great things about homesite is that we never needed to wait for the company to add all the stuff we wanted, it's always been built with great user customization and extension capabilities. ... which many users have taken advantage of.

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                          Fast_Puppy Level 1

                          Originally posted by: JeffW
                          Fast Puppy wrote: "and I think it's BS that the only way to aquire new versions of homesite is to buy that POS that is dreamweaver."

                          Not true. You can buy HomeSite without Studio. It's available as a standalone product - always has been. Look here or in stores.


                          I am sorry but I misspoke, mistyped, whatever... I meant homesite+ not Homesite 5.5... the 2 are different.

                          The fact of the matter is that macromedia neglected the product which despite the lack of development is still a good product given what else is out there. Dreamweaver is... well... let's just say it's not my favorite product out there.

                          Hopefully Adobe will allocate SOME resources to an update to this once great product.

                          All we need is a good text editor with a preview pane, some tools to make coding faster (buttons, snippets, etc...) and a built in ftp client that works.

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                            article man Level 1
                            Adobes products have been expensive,but they are always worth the moolah.
                            Homesite is no different,a product with loads of class,but just a bit expensive.
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                              gwmbox.2008 Level 1

                              First in reply to the post abaove mine - Adobe products have NEVER been worth their asking price.


                              Second Adobe have now confirmed that Homesite is RIP - Thanks Adobe you bunch of %^@^#%$@^!!!!!

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                                Roy Reed Level 1


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                                  gwmbox.2008 Level 1

                                  Well everyone should now support Stefan and Nick (Original Homesite Developer) and go and get Topstyle 4 - support them and hopefully they will not sell it to anoyone again - link http://svanas.dynip.com/topstyle/


                                  Cheers and Adobe can go an ^&#@$^ themselves.....

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                                    I've got Homesite so finely tuned I can whoop any Dreamweaver coder, layout and backend with vastly cleaner code. AFAIC Dreamweaver junks the Internet with wannabes that make it hard for professionals to convince business owners there is a difference.


                                    Curse you Adobe!!


                                    Hey Jeff, can you change the links to my site to be eyecreate.ca instead of eyecreate.net.



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                                      JeffW Level 1

                                      yeah, it's a bit sad, though not surprising since it's been effectively abandoned by MM/Adobe for a while now.


                                      Ken, I just saw your note, sure. I'll change your links from my site to .ca.  thanks.

                                      (next time better email me, more likely to get through quicker)



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                                        I just found out that Adobe killed Homesite. I am very sad about this. I have been using Homesite since version 2 and am still using it EVERY DAY!    


                                        Why Adobe, why? I know you just wanna sell big expensive packages, but this is just stupid! I will never use Dreamweaver. Why would I wanna use a big and slow massive program if I can use a quick text editor.


                                        THIS IS A VERY BAD CORPORATE DECISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                        I think if you just put 2 developers on it, you would easily make the money back with a new release.


                                        Anywayz, one more reason to slowly start to abandon all Adobe products. There weren't any alternatives in the past for Adobe products, but there are now!


                                        Adobe = Profit craving M.F.'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                          webgal Level 1

                                          Its dead, Jim ...

                                          Its a darned shame, but its been undisturbed for YEARS ...


                                          Just walk away and nuke it from orbit ...

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                                            that macromedia sucks what you see is adobe RIPing EXCELLENT programs, like HOMESITE, the best editor of history.



                                            ADOBE MONEY MACHINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                            LET'S DO SOMETHING?!???

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                                              I am a developer who uses Homesite everyday also. I use it at every job I have to create, edit, or build. If they are throwing it away, give it to one of the developers who could actualy do something with it. I would gladly pay for an upgrade as one has been badly needed for quite some time.


                                              Please Adobe, do something... Dreamweaver is NOT a replacement for those of us professionals who code... And code QUICKLY and cleanly.

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                                                I too have used Homesite from the day that Nick first advertised it (ver 1).

                                                Adobe and MacroM never had any intention of developing it. The just got it as a lost leader, to try and get users to use their pile of s%$t instead

                                                Well I for one will never use macrocrap ore Adobe as it is now. I tried the MM version and it is a pile of Shite compared to Homesite.

                                                I also use Topstyle so I hope that keeps going. at the moment I am trialing Web Builder 2010 and it has a lot of similaritys to Homesite.. Check it out and let us know what you think.




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                                                  Glitz&Glitter Level 1

                                                  I went and checked out Webuilder 2010. Looks pretty good but did not see that it edits xhtml. Have you used it to edit your xhtml? If so how does it do?



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                                                    MrSlate123 Level 1

                                                    Really, it is extremely close to Homesite in almost every way. It does XHTML well, you can download a free trial of it and check it out for yourself. I have been forcing myself to migrate to it from Homesite as HS will never be updated.



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                                                      Glitz&Glitter Level 1

                                                      Thank you. I have been looking for something else also. I love Homesite but

                                                      it is really dated. I have Homesite working on my Vista but am afraid to

                                                      upgrade to 7 because it might not work. I will download it and give it a

                                                      try. If it works as well as you say this whole Homesite Forum may migrate to

                                                      the Webuilder. 2010 site.



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                                                        Glitz&Glitter Level 1

                                                        RE:  Blumentals Web Builder 2010


                                                        I am blown away! There are some really great features here that Homesite does not have. It Is like Homestie, only better. It does not have a table wizard as good as Homesite, that I can find anyway, but I rely on tables too much and need to learn to do my layout with CSS. It does a lot of the stuff that Topstyle does as well. I have only being using it for 2 days about 4 hours a day, trying out as much as I can to see how much it is like Homesite. There is going to be a learning curve (I have used Homesite since ver 3.5) because things are different and I will have to learn where they are but Homesite is dying and I have to move on. Thank you so much for finding this program to give me some place to move on to.



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                                                          MrSlate123 Level 1

                                                          Totally what I thought also. It will just take a little getting used to, but like you said, we don't have much of a choice.



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                                                            does Web Builder 2010 run on windows7 64bit ???


                                                            I am pulling my hair out......... coding in homesite4.5 on my windows2000 server and switching to Vista 64 bit to upload...


                                                            Been using Komodo on vista.  Its no homesite.  dreamweaver is for people who CANT code.


                                                            Lame.Adobe made the WRONG MOVE.  shoulda scrapped dreamweaver and built on Homesite.  At least their software is so expensive most wannaBees won't be able to afford it.  still........ far too many.  The web is a playground.  You don't see any kid with frontpage or dreamweaver putting together magazines ............. what happened ??  damn.

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                                                              Just wanted to join in the mourning... but it's time to move on and thanks for the webuilder2010 tip. Looks like what I need. They probably tried to be just that, a successor to HS.


                                                              So long, happy coding!

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                                                                Anthony Gorss

                                                                Also mourning the loss of the product...


                                                                Just upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit this week and when attempting to install Homesite 5.5+ it wouldn't budge. Seems to be bad installer, probably due to 16-bit support drop in 64-bit windows. When I get VM version of XP going, will reinstall, but what a pain to have to run different OS to use probably one of the best coders that ever existed. Been using since 3.0.


                                                                Dreamweaver...blah on coding, and the acquisition of companies is no surprise. Seems whenever something good is developed, money is made, then company or product is sold while successful. Then new company drops support or development, and your forced to move to another one of their products or find something new altogether.


                                                                RIP HomeSite....

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                                                                  Did Adobe actually think hardcoders would shell out for Dreamweaver for a bunch of features none of us need? How lame. No one who hardcodes needs all the junk in Dreamweaver. It is for people who cannot code. When I hired people if all they knew was Dreamweaver I would not hire them. Also its validators miss items, so helps the bad code epidemic persist.


                                                                  I do hope Adobe reads this because what they have done is turned me so off the compay that I will NEVER EVER buy Dreamweaver. I will use Web Builder or Notepad ++, but NEVER Dreamweaver and in discontinuing Homesite they have made sure to turn me off to Dreamweaver for ever out of principal. Homesite did not require a huge investment to keep it going, they did this as a forced purchase move to make people buy Dreamweaver, so guess what .... I will now never buy it. Bad move Adobe .. really bad move.. you generated a lot of animosity in a field of people who use all your products. We cannot get off Photoshop or Illustrator, but you have now made sure I will not buy any other of your products ever again because I do not support companies who bully people into buying more expensive, unnecessary products esp when it appears they bought it to kill it.

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                                                                    Sam Dutton Level 1

                                                                    Just want to add myself to the list of those who think this is a crazy decision.


                                                                    Adobe must know that HomeSite has a strong and loyal user community, who also use other Adobe products. This feels like a(nother) slap in the face to Adobe customers. It's worth remembering what happened to Quark...


                                                                    Either HomeSite was making money, in which case why abandon it?, or it was losing money, in which case why not open-source it? Open-sourcing is never without effort, but for Adobe could mean kudos, credibility and plenty of free PR.


                                                                    Anyone from Adobe care to enlighten us?

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                                                                      I second the above.  Homesite is a great program that shouldn't be orphaned.



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                                                                        There is no value when Dreamweaver builds its own profiles and tweaks highly trusted and workable code.  I have been with HomeSite way back before it was made, when BBEdit was the most popular tool for coders (yet it was MAC Base and not windows in 1997).  The advantage of HomeSite is that it did not add code, change code or even stitch code into profiles.  It allowed you as a programmer do whatever you want.  I'd rather have control over my code that have CF or even Dreamvweaver destroy what has worked perfectly for years with me.


                                                                        It is sad that Homesite is not available and truly Adobe should resurrect it or release the code to someone who can fix it and make it available for windows 7 / 64 bit.


                                                                        I remember the days of FrontPage, Cold Fusion and Dreamweaver.  As good as they can be, for diehard coders, it is easier to code 1 line than jump through a bunch of GUI garble to make 1 line in Dreamweaver.


                                                                        I'm sad.



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                                                                          teajayo Level 1

                                                                          well ed b.  there is no use.  i began coding in 1995 with notepad and later picked up homesite from its earliest release.  I have always used it.  Today, employers don't even know what homesite or who allaire is ... or was.  It's all Dreamweaver.  Every freakin job out there says MUST KNOW DREAMWEAVER.  How bought knowing HTML ?  I've had to assure people that I know DreamWeaver, just to get a job.  It's very sad.  What's even more sad is the fact that companies think you need some sort of degree from a University in web design to be a web designer.  There were no courses in web design in 1997 when I started.  Now there are, but I'm not taking them because I know more than the teacher in most cases.  I'd be bored as hell.


                                                                          It's plain sad what the web has become where you have creative directors who think you don't know anything if you haven't gone to a school for it and don't use dreamweaver or something similar.  I have my online communications certificate from UMass from 1997 which was the FIRST web design course of its kind in the USA.  We learned to code using notepad.  At that point, frontpage was big.  I never used it and am glad microsoft discontinued it.  I have the last copy of Homesite 5+ and I use it all the time.  Never used dreamweaver until last month when I was forced to in order to work a week at a place that was all dreamweaver.  It was easy.  Cut n Paste everything.  But you still have to know how to properly write CSS... or is there a keybord shortcut for that in dreamweaver I am unaware of ??  hahaha.